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Carmen Rebecca was born in Graz on 27 April 1986 and grew up in Rohrbach, a rural town near the city of Graz.

Like all children, Carmen Rebecca loves bedtime stories in the evenings, and early on the desire develops that one day she would like to become an author.

  • Primary school Hitzendorf (992-1996): She spends her breaks more in the reading corner than in the schoolyard. Her primary school teacher encourages the young talent and lets her read her own essays, schoolwork and stories in front of the class.

  • Secondary school Hitzendorf (-2000): Carmen Rebecca wins a writing competition as the best author of her school.

  • Apprenticeship as an office clerk (2002-2004): She passed the final examination as an office clerk with excellent results.

  • 2004 - 2008: Carmen Rebecca falls ill with an eating disorder.

  • July 2010: diagnosis Borderline Syndrom

  • Autumn 2010: In a monastery in Vadstena (Sweden), Carmen Rebecca writes the majority of her autobiographical novel "Breathe borderline".
  • 2011: Completing the novel "grenzwertig breathe". Carmen Rebecca works in Berlin as a fitness trainer

  • December 2012: First reading of the book "grenzwertig atmen" at the Palais Hotel Erzherzog Johann in Graz

  • 2013: As an aupair in Ireland, Carmen Rebecca looks after four children and writes her novella "breathless heart".

Carmen Rebecca studies German and Anglistics and works as a marketing and PR manager and blogger for Bausoft Solution GmbH.

The writer is currently concentrating on sharing her experiences and skills in the form of a blog and books.

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Carmen Rebecca's Blog

for a happier and healthier life

The blog enriches and helps people who suffer from depression, borderline, eating disorders or burn-out - or who simply want to achieve a happier life through helpful skills.


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Readers who want a deeper insight into the subject matter and practical applications than the blog posts offer will benefit from these books.

Novellen und Kurzgeschichten

passionate literture for literature lovers

Carmen Rebecca's stories are poetic and punk. On the one hand they enchant us with surreal details and on the other hand the critical texts make us think.


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in the category Construction

The blog of Bausoft Solution, which deals with topics related to the construction industry, was named one of the 10 best blogs in German-speaking countries.

Carmen Rebecca

Schriftstellerin, Bloggerin, Fitness- und Ernährungsberaterin