short stories

short stories

Carmen Rebecca's short stories are mostly from everyday life. The individual stories differ in style and vary between humorous and poetic. All short stories are provided free of charge.

they lived happily ever after

This story is suitable for readers with a good sense of black humour, which is needed to get to know Carmen Rebecca's unusual childhood pet.

at the ocean in Berlin

Sometimes you feel lifeless in the most vibrant city and sometimes you need another person, an encounter that breathes life back into you and lets you hear the ocean in the middle of Berlin.

congratulations on your intelligence

A humorous sartire about grammatical and orthographic doubts, unfinished to-do-lists and charming memos.

tunnel parking

Four women in a car, who unfortunately fulfill the cliché. With much self-irony, the author stands above this experience and shares it humorously in her short story.

a ride on the washing machine

This satire tells of adventurous washing machines and Carmen Rebecca's brother, who has to prove his rodeo skills by taming it.